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Corrosion Resistant SL2 Stainless Steel Slide System From Bishop-Wisecarver

SL2 carriages are made from strong, yet light-weight aluminum alloy. SL2 slides may also be mounted to GV3 beams for further design versatility. SL2 is a completely corrosion resistant linear guide featuring ground stainless steel slides and linear motion bearings.

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Three aluminum carriage lengths are available to meet size needs as well as moment loading conditions. Carriage units come assembled or as a kit for on-site assembly with your choice of lubricators. Two types of stainless steel V bearings allow for a choice between highly compliant twin and double row linear motion bearings for higher load demanding applications.

About Bishop-Wisecarver Corporation

Bishop-Wisecarver is a family owned manufacturing company, incorporated in 1950, specializing in guide wheels and guided motion technologies. DualVee was designed as a problem solver for automotive, machine tool, paper processing, textile, and general industrial automation applications where traditional guidance technologies were ineffective. DualVee Motion Technology (DMT) has continued to evolve into the ideal technology for today's cutting edge industries such as medical, packaging, aerospace, electronic, and semiconductor.

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