Blackmer® NG Series Natural Gas Compressor Lines

Product Announcement from Blackmer

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Blackmer® NG Series Natural Gas Vapor Recovery Compressors are single-stage, oil-free reciprocating gas compressors that are designed to handle wellhead operations in continuous duty or remote unmanned locations. They are ideal for enhancing oil-and-gas production in the areas of tank-battery vapor recovery, wellhead vapor control, wellhead annulus reduction and pressure boosting.

What sets the NG Series compressors apart from other competitive models is a full compartment distance piece, which is standard on all NG models. Each NG compressor is constructed with two sets of piston rod seals between the crosshead guide and cylinder area, which form the distance piece. The distance piece provides leakage control and helps prevent oil contamination from any condensates that might be in the gas stream. Connections are provided in the distance-piece for purging, pressurizing or venting as needed. This design also allows the NG compressors to handle a much wider range of suction pressures, which can be a major consideration in wellhead operations that involve natural gas and methane mixes.

Other features and benefits of the NG Series compressors, which are to be used in sweet-gas applications only, include:

  • Ductile-iron head and cylinder that outperform cast-iron models
  • O-ring gaskets throughout for sealing under all operating conditions
  • Flow rates to 600 MSCFD
  • Maximum of 50-horsepower energy usage
  • Maximum allowable working pressure of 350 psia (24.1 bara)

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NG Series Natural Gas Compressor Lines