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Blackmer® HD Series Industrial Gas Compressors provide efficient and quiet delivery of oil-free gas or air. These heavy-duty single and two-stage compressors combine advanced design technology and state-of-the-art materials to give maximum performance with minimum maintenance. Blackmer compressors are well suited for handling a wide range of industrial gases, including propane, butane, butadiene, propylene, vinyl chloride and chemical intermediates as well as many others, such as ammonia, carbon dioxide, refrigerants, air and nitrogen.

The single stage, reciprocating compressors create a low-pressure area in the pumping chamber when the piston moves from the highest point of the stroke to the lowest point. Gaseous product (at a higher pressure in the tank) moves into the pumping chamber. This volume of gas is then displaced when the piston moves to the top of the stroke. Equipped with high efficiency valves, ductile iron pistons, self-adjusting piston rod seals and other robust features, these compressors are designed to provide maximum performance and reliability under the most severe service conditions.

Models Available:

Single-Stage and Two-Stage Models

Single-stage models are available in 7 sizes with piston displacements to 125 cfm (212 m3/hr) and working pressures to 765 psia (52.74 Bar) for use on low to moderate compression ratio applications. Three sizes of two-stage models are available for higher compression ratio requirements.

Air-Cooled and Liquid-Cooled Models

The HD air-cooled models are suitable for most applications, especially for operation at lower compression ratios and for liquefied gas transfer applications. HDL models have a liquid-cooled head and cylinder for more demanding applications.

Single, Double & Triple Seal Models

The standard double-seal models are constructed with a single distance piece between two sets of piston rod seals. The distance piece provides leakage control and prevents oil contamination of the compressed gas stream.Triple-seal models use two distance pieces for maximum leakage control and are well suited for handling toxic, hazardous or corrosive gases. Ports are provided in each distance piece chamber for purging, pressurizing,or venting. Single-seal models are also available.

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HD Series Industrial Gas Compressors