ONDUFIL™ Wave Springs

Product Announcement from Borrelly Spring Washers

ONDUFIL™ Wave Springs-Image

BORRELLY ONDUFIL™ Wave Springs provide the unique advantage of space savings when replacing a coil spring.

When reducing spring height, BORRELLY ONDUFIL™ Wave Springs enable to realize cost saving by decreasing the spring housing.

BORRELLY ONDUFIL™ Wave Springs offer a solution for new requirements including ever smaller dimensions, ever high deflections in elastic deformation and increasingly varied stiffness.

BORRELLY ONDUFIL™ Wave Springs' applications are numerous, including mechanical seals, ball bearing preload, electrical connectors, ball valves, clutch mechanisms…

Available on stock, in Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel, Borrelly offer a large range of Single Turn ONDUFIL™ Wave Springs for bearings and Multi Turn Wave Springs from 6 mm to 200 mm.

For specific design and free quotation, our engineering department is at your disposal for studying and prototyping the spring you need.