Subsea Pipeline Connector for Oil & Gas Industry

Product Announcement from Borrelly Spring Washers

Subsea Pipeline Connector for Oil & Gas Industry-Image

Borrelly was introducing his patent (in collaboration with Joseph Toupin) of a Subsea Pipeline Connector using Seawater natural and free energy, project is working on since 2007.

This double skin elastic bellow is compressed when diving by natural hydrostatic pressure. When it is positioned vis-à-vis two pipes to be connected, an automatic introduction of water inside the elastic bellows allows the balance of pressures, and therefore the release of stored energy.
This energy is the force to seal the two pipes.

Subsea Pipeline Connector using seawater and natural energy.

  • Natural Hydrostatic Energy
  • Ocean Surface : 361 Millions Km2
  • Ocean Depth : 3800 m average
  • High Pressure 3800 m = 380 bar


  • No more hydraulic system
  • Automatic clamping
  • Semi rigid connection (option)
  • Subsea pipeline connector COST
  • Setting up COST


  • Liquid hydrocarbon/ Gas hydrocarbon
  • Hydrothermal sources

During the Geneva Invention 2012 show, Dominique Borrelly (in collaboration with Joseph Toupin) did suceed in having two main rewards: