Product Announcement from Braxton Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Braxton Provides the Deep-Drawn Advantage-Image
  • Starting with flat stock and ending with a tubular part, this process minimizes material waste.

  • Superior part-to-part and batch-to-batch repeatability are assured.

  • Slitting, flaring and hole punching, normally considered secondary operations, can be performed on the drawing machine.

  • Intricate designs not previously possible can be produced.

  • Raw material is work hardened during the drawing process, therefore eliminating the need for secondary heat treating on most finished parts.

  • Starting stock can be clad or pre-plated with gold prior to the deep-draw process, guaranteeing even coverage of gold on both the OD & ID of microminiature tubes with or without a closed end as small as 0.005" (0.13mm) ID. This process also eliminates the threat of residual acid trapped in the parts, a type of contamination that is commonly found in the barrel plating process.

  • Braxton's proprietary drawing machines are built in-house. Coupled with our advanced in-house carbide die making facilities, our drawing machines enable us to produce parts in more sizes, and with significantly superior tolerances and finishes, in comparison to competing processes.

Deep-Draw Demos: Animation | Video
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