Vertical Form / Fill / Seal (VFFS) PE Film

Product Announcement from Brentwood Plastics, Inc.

Vertical Form / Fill / Seal (VFFS) PE Film-Image

Brentwood Plastics manufactures heat sealable polyethylene LDPE films for VFFS vertical form / fill / seal from Kosher and FDA approved virgin food grade resins for prolonged and direct food contact packaging.

Monolayer films can be utilized as sealant layer of a lamination with resistance "fin" seals or as single layer impulse " overlap" seals.

Sealant layers are designed with new metallocene resins to seal with fast tack through dry and wet contaminants.

Other benefits include:

No more channel leakers resulting from fold over wrinkles ( see video ).

Practically zero odor and taste transfer with metallocene resins.