Product Announcement from Brookfield Engineering Laboratories, Inc.

DV-I Prime Viscometer-Image


PC Interface for use with optional Wingather Software and output connection to printer

Direct access to time measurement function (time to torque, time to stop)

Temperature off-set capability to ±5°C

Senses and displays continuously: Viscosity (cP or mPa·s) Temperature (°C or °F) (OPTIONAL) % Torque Speed (rpm) Spindle used

Torque measurement accuracy: 1% of full scale range

Repeatability: 0.2% of full scale range

Select all functions from user-friendly keypad

Choice of 18 rotational speeds

Optional RTD temperature probe

Auto-zero function to ensure precision torque measurement

Auto-range function to define full scale range (FSR) for all spindle/speed combinations

Warns of under- or over-range torque measurement condition

Direct output to chart recorder

Timed Stop feature to measure viscosity at precise user specified time interval

Time to Torque feature to measure the time interval for sample to reach user defined torque value

Compatible with all Brookfield accessories

NIST traceable viscosity standards available

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