Particle Size Analyzer

Product Announcement from Brookhaven Instruments Corporation

Particle Size Analyzer-Image

Rapid, Reliable and Accurate Analysis

The new 90Plus particle sizer incorporates all you need for fast, routine, sub micron measurements. Based on the principles of Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS), most measurements only take a minute or two. The built-in PC computer has ample power for the Windows™-based software. Choose from the standard 35 mW laser for strong scatterers, or the avalanche photo diode for weak scatterers. And, at the time of manufacture, or as a future upgrade, add the BI-Zeta option for zeta potential measurements.

Two Scattering Angles:
Most measurements will be made at the 90° scattering angle, however, the user may select the 15° detection angle where measurements are more sensitive to larger particles.

Principles of Operation

Dilute suspensions, on the order of 0.0001 to 1.0% v/v are prepared, using suitable wetting and/or dispersing agents. A small ultrasonicator is sometimes useful in breaking up loosely-held agglomerates. Two or three mL of suspension are required to make the measurements. Disposable, acrylic square cells are used for aqueous and simple alcohol suspensions. Disposable, glass round cells with reusable Teflon stoppers are used for aggressive solvent suspensions. Just a few minutes are required for the sample and cell to equilibrate with the actively controlled temperature environment inside the 90Plus. A square glass cell is available if desired and a specialsmall-volume cell may be used to reduce the volume of material needed to just 150 µL or less. For aqueous samples this sample volume may be reduced to 50 µL with a new option , in both cases the sample is recoverable. For very small particles the high-sensitivity BI-APD detector is invaluable.

Features at a glance

  • Rapid and accurate particle size distributions
  • Multimodal & unimodal size distribution software
  • Range <1 nm to 6 µm
  • Easy to use Windows™ software
  • Customizable reports, SPC charts
  • Ideal for fast, routine sizing applications in research or quality control
  • High power 35 mW diode laser
  • Dynamic light scattering at 90° and 15°
  • Compact bench top unit, complete with printer
  • Optional zeta potential modules available
  • FOQELS module for sizing in concentrates available
  • Molecular weight determination