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Advanced, Accurate, Reliable Humidity Instruments

Product Announcement from Buck Research Instruments, LLC

Advanced, Accurate, Reliable Humidity Instruments-Image

Buck Research Instruments provides the most advanced accurate and reliable humidity instrumentation available for industrial, laboratory, calibration standard and airborne use, emphasizing high performance chilled mirror technology.

Products Include:

CR-4 CRYOGENIC HYGROMETER Portable, 3-stage TE cooler for measurements to -65 °C

VAPORTRON® H-100BL/H-100CL Humidity calibration chamber

CR-1A CRYOGENIC HYGROMETER Fast, Accurate Measurements to -105 °C. Suitable for laboratory use, calibrations and spot checks.

CR-2 CRYOGENIC HYGROMETER Our flagship product. For use in aircraft and military applications.

CR-3 CRYOGENIC HYGROMETER CR-2 Convenience for Continuous-Use Applications. Suitable for toxic and corrosive gases, such as Arsine, Phosphine, HCl and HBr.

UHQ-4P HYGROMETER Portable high-temperature hygrometer for measurements to 150 °C.

CR-5 HYGROMETER Separate sensor and transmitter with 3-stage TE cooler for measurements to -60 °C

1011C AIRCRAFT HYGROMETER The Best Conventional Aircraft Hygrometer

VAPORPAK® Portable humidity calibration chamber

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