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Robotic Arc Welding

Product Announcement from Buckeye Machine Fabricators, Inc.

Robotic Arc Welding -Image

Robotic arc welding can be done it in a couple different ways. Depending on the application, you can either take the part to the welder or mount the weld head to the robot. Robotic arc welding provides speed and consistency that cannot be equaled with manual labor.  It is often possible to use a shuttle or index table to allow an operator to load parts while the robot is welding another set, eliminating idle time for the operator and the equipment.  In addition to increased production, a robot can help avoid hazards to humans such as fumes, arc flash, burns and repetitive motion injuries.

Buckeye can also integrate multiple robots into a single cell that will save valuable floor space and decrease handling costs. Our welding robots can be combined with many different fixture configurations, material handling modules and conveying systems.

Robotic arc welding is a cost effective choice compared to manual arc welding. Buckeye Machine can design and build an arc welding robot application for your production welding process.  Call Buckeye at (419)273-2521 to automate your arc welding application.

Robotic Arc Welding Benefits:

  • Cost effective compared to manual welding
  • Reach difficult weld areas with consistent repeatability
  • Multiple robots in one cell saves valuable floor space
  • Lower cycle times for multiple weld applications
  • Custom fixtures for parts


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