Die Cut Gaskets for Short & Long Run Requirements

Product Announcement from Buckeye Rubber & Packing Co.

Die Cut Gaskets for Short & Long Run Requirements-Image

Die Cut Gaskets

At Buckeye Rubber, we make our own steel rule dies and maintain a large inventory of elastomeric and industrial sheet materials. Let our skilled machine operators quickly respond to your short run or high production requirements. Because we make our own dies, turnaround time for prototype parts is minimized.

Typical Materials:

  • Industrial Elastomers
  • Fluorinated Elastomers
  • Diaphragm and Fabric Inserted Sheet
  • Dupont Dow Kalrez®
  • Garlock Gylon®
  • Garlock Blue-Gard®
  • Gore-Tex®
  • Teflon
  • Cork & Cork and Rubber
  • Polyurethane
  • Vellumoid & Armstrong Materials
  • Open & Closed-Cell Sponge Rubber

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