H-Seal Reliable, Flexible Cost Effective Solution

Product Announcement from Buckeye Rubber & Packing Co.

H-Seal Reliable, Flexible Cost Effective Solution -Image

Let the H-Seal eliminate for you the additional expense associated with metal seal technology, particularly metal o-rings: low yields, extra-ordinary handling needs, less than desirable reliability, special flange polishing requirements. Metallic H-Seals by Bostec Engineering will allow you to overcome these issues, so you can use this metal seal with confidence and also cost effectively.

  • H-Seals will deliver an Ultra-High-Vacuum seal 100% of the time, eliminating the concern that flange scratches can cause reduced yield and expensive gland rework, often associated with the highly polished surface finish requirements demanded by metal o-rings.
  • Using an H-Seal allows its soft nickel alloy to be sacrificed, not your gland surfaces, which is typical with metal o-rings. When the soft nickel gasket is conformed, you achieve a leak tight seal and minor machining irregularities in your gland are absorbed by the H-Seal. You can reduce your manufacturing costs by eliminating your costly lapping and polishing steps.
  • Save time, space and money because the H-Seal typically requires only 20– 50% of the compressive force that metal o-rings require, thus allowing for fewer and smaller fasteners.
  • Because the H-Seal is self aligning, costly retainers required with metal o-rings are not needed, saving you money.
  • Compression of the H-Seal increases your seal integrity because the tooth stays sharp throughout the penetration process. The H-Seal design also acts as its own positive stop so you eliminate the risk of over-tightening.

Typical Services/Applications for the H-Seal System

1 - Ultra High Vacuum Services (UHV) 10¯13

2. High Pressure Services: capable of 20,000+PSI

3. High Temperature Services: capable of 2,000+F

4. Cryogenic Services

5. Automotive: exhaust systems, turbochargers, head gaskets

6. Aerospace

7. Turbines: exhaust systems, high temperatures,

8. Compressors: High pressure sides, LNG, refining,

9. Flow Control: Flow Meters valves,

10. Containment Vessels: casks, ampoules

11. Plastics: high pressures, high temperatures


13. Pharmaceutical: UHP, aggressive chemical services.

14. Pipelines: High pressures

15. Scientific Labs: UHV systems, aggressive chemicals

16. Nuclear: Radiation, high pressures, superheated steam, casks

17. Maintenance Repair and Operations (MRO)