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PK Multiple Vessel Blending System

Product Announcement from Buflovak LLC

The multi-functional M.V.P. solves some of the major issues facing sanitary powder processing today - containment and flexible production

Powder processing professionals everywhere consider PK's TwinShell® -
V-Blender and Cross-Flow® blenders to be the best mixers for difficult applications. Now both technologies, together with the other vessel geometries can be used interchangeably on the PK M.V.P. Blending System®. The multi-functional M.V.P. solves some of the major issues facing sanitary powder processing today - containment and flexible production. The M.V.P. is a major space saver, too, since a single system provides capabilities equivalent to that of several conventional fixed station blender systems. It can accommodate vessels of varying capacities and geometries, including bins.

Please contact us for direct assistance and more information about our Powder Blending Equipment or to order an M.V.P. CD.


  • Modular, multifunctional system
  • Accommodates a full range of PK blenders and round or square bulk containers as high as 75 cubic feet. (Batch sizes of up to 1200 liter)
  • Accommodates blender vessels for scale-up, pilot or production functions and/or operating as multi-floor blending systems
  • Computer controlled mechanism provides fast, precision manipulation through loading, processing and discharging
  • The product stays in the vessel after processing. Vessel is removed from the drive station and loaded on a cart, keeping the material contained, for less operator exposure.
  • Intensifier bars can be installed in any of the vessel geometries.

Related Solutions

  • Blend and granulate ingredients
  • Blend flavors/lubricants prior to tableting
  • Blend food enhancement ingredients
  • Blend drink mixes
  • High through-put Intimate blending of minor ingredients

Product Advantages/Attributes

  • Versatile
  • Production flexibility
  • Eliminates multiple blending rooms
  • Recharge or clean in place to process other materials
  • Accommodates any popular vessel geometries
  • Totally isolated loading and unloading in sanitary service

Associated Products

  • M.V.P. 50
  • Models and sizes suitable for lab, pilot, scale-up or production, up to 40 cubic feet (1200 liter) batch size
  • Optional PK intensifiers
  • Twin Shell Vessel
  • Cross Flow Vessel
  • Bins (IBC)