FP-1A Fin Press and Line from Burr Oak Tool

Product Announcement from Burr Oak Tool Inc.

FP-1A Fin Press and Line from Burr Oak Tool-Image

This 30 ton "C" frame style press and line consistently produces quality fins. The Oak FP-1 fin production line provides a reliable, cost effective fin making solution. Versions of this press are found in coil shops throughout the world, and continue their dependable production. From reliable stock feed to damage-free fin collection, design elements lead to quality parts and longer tool life.

A hydraulic withdrawal feature incorporated into the press slide gives access to the inner tooling of the fin stamping die without removing the die from the press.

The FP-1 fin press and line allows for the production of quality fins ranging from 1 to 108 inches long using fin stock with a maximum width of 18 inches. The press has a bed opening of 30 x 20 inches and can accommodate fin dies with a shut-height range of 8 1/2 to 10 1/2 inches. The standard stroke length offered on the FP-1A Fin Press is 1 1/2 inches. Press modifications allow for a maximum stroke length of 2 inches if taller collar heights are required.

· Production: 240-300 SPM* (*depending on die configuration)

· Footprint: (3M x 5.6M)

· Weight: 4,600KG (Foundation information supplied upon request)

· Power: Phase: 3, Continuous Amps: 26, KW: 16, Control 24 VDC

· Voltage Range: 380 to 415 Volt and Frequency: 50 cycle OR Voltage Range: 440 to 500 Volt and Frequency: 60 cycle

· Air: 60 CFM at 85 psi

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