QL 3-Pole Miniature Circuit Breakers

Product Announcement from CBI-electric: low voltage

QL 3-Pole Miniature Circuit Breakers-Image

Features Include:

  • AC Circuit Breaker
  • Hydraulic-Magnetic TEchnology
  • 100% Rating Capability Independing of Ambient Temperatures
  • CSA,VDE, CE and CCC Approved
  • UL Listed (UL 489)
  • Ratings up to 25A
  • Optional Auxiliary/Trip Alarm Switch
  • Wide Range of Time Delays and Operating Currents
  • Precision tripping
  • Current Limiting Capabilities
  • Ultra Compact
  • Trip Indication with Mid-Trip Handle
  • Reset Immediately After Overload
  • DIN and Dual Rail Mounting


CBI-electric: low voltage, is a supplier of quality low voltage electrical distribution, protection and control equipments.  With an exciting background of ground breaking achievements, CBI-electric: low voltage has prospered for more than five decades to become a leader in the design, development and manufacturing of Circuit Breakers, Residual Current Devices, Surge Protection, Wiring Accessories and Metering Products.  CBI-electric: low voltage supplies products to supply authorities, utilities, original equipment manufactures, commercial property developers and into industrial, mining, telecommunication and general power distribution applications.