High performance thin embedded PC - BX956 series

Product Announcement from CONTEC Co., Ltd.

High performance thin embedded PC - BX956 series-Image

CONTEC CO., LTD. (Tokyo Stock Exchange Code: 6639) today introduced new thin embedded PC series, BOX Computer the BX956 series, that has Intel® Atom™ processor D510 and features only 35 mm-thick body, fanless and slitless design. The BX956 series has just been released.

New BOX COMPUTER the BX956 series is a power-saving industrial PC for embedded. This product features a dust-proof construction (slitless), and small body that allows it to be installed in narrow gaps. This series supports Windows Embedded Standard, the OS for embedded equipment, and Windows Embedded Standard is designed for use in embedded systems, so you can use various Windows applications on the BX956 series.
The BX956 series is built on high-performance Dual Core CPU (Intel® Atom™ processor D510) in the fanless and slitless body that features 35 mm thickness and A5-sized footprint.
The most distinctive feature of this series is that its processing ability is more greatly improved than BOX COMPUTER the BX955 series that has same size chassis. Because this new series is based on Hyper-threading-compliant Dual Core CPU that is called Intel® Atom™ processor D510. So, it is possible for simultaneous processing of four threads (CPU usage) to improve simultaneous of multi-processes. This feature offer several benefits. For example, parallel processing application, such as communication processing with other computers, actuator control, graphical screen display and real-time processing, and consolidating some computers into only one BX956. Its other features are mini chassis and variety of standard interfaces. They include 2x 1000BASE-T LAN ports, 4x USB2.0 ports, 2x RS-232C serial ports, 2x CF card slots and audio.

Customization of this product is available. Please contact our sales offices or distributors.