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Savant can rapidly simulate in-situ antenna performance and predict antenna-to-antenna coupling on platforms that span hundreds or thousands of wavelengths using a powerful high frequency EM ray-tracing engine. CST STUDIO SUITE® data can be used in Savant for far-field and near-field simulations as well as antenna coupling simulations.

Through this distribution agreement, CST  continues to expand the collaborative workflow solution for antenna design and installed performance, offering integrated solutions and global technical support that benefit users. 

Key features of Savant include:

  • Predicts installed antenna patterns and antenna-to-antenna coupling in complex environments.
  • Complementary capability to full-wave solver.
  • Intuitive and powerful user interface with 3D visualization for problem setup and results display.
  • Multiple installed antennas defined by 3D free-space patterns or current distribution.
  • Multicore and GPU acceleration features for massive runtime speedup.
  • Antenna siting for optimal performance and minimum co-site EMI.
  • Radome analysis.
  • View electric and magnetic fields in near and far field regions.
  • Creeping wave and PTD wedge correction.

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CST - Computer Simulation Technology is an authorized reseller of Delcross Technologies' Savant. CST develops and markets high performance software for the simulation of electromagnetic fields in all frequency bands.

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