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Simulate cosite interference effects with EMIT-Image

With EMIT, engineers can predict cosite intereference and analyze multi-antenna platforms in complex RF environments such as commercial aircrafts and UAVs . Together with CST STUDIO SUITE®, the software tool can help engineers to analyze and mitigate interference effects and build up a complete system-level picture of potential problems through rapid identification and root-cause analysis of EMI issues.

The international distribution agreement of EMIT between CST and Delcross Technologies  has reinforced our collaborative efforts towards providing a complete workflow solution for antenna design and cosite analysis.

This partnership is of benefit for a range of applications areas, particularly within aerospace technology, as shown in the webinar, “Antenna Cosite Interference Analysis in a Unmanned Aerial Vehicle UAV”. The webinar  presents the full workflow for true cosite analysis, including rapid synthesis of antenna models, broadband antenna coupling analysis and prediction of interference between transceivers. Its use for automotive applications can also be seen in our application note, "Investigating Cosite Interference Effects on an Automobile".

EMIT’s analysis engine accounts for all components in the Tx-to-Rx path to compute EMI Margin:

  • Broadband Tx & Rx characteristics.
  • Wide-band Tx & Rx radio models using built-in parametric models or measured data.
  • Non-linear Tx & Rx intermod problems
  • Outboard components such as filters, amplifiers and cables.
  • Broadband antenna coupling using S-Parameters or 3-D patterns.

The features in EMIT include:

  • EMIT’s unique multi-fidelity approach enables the engineer to start the co-site analysis with limited data. 
  • Inputs to EMIT include radio and RF component models, antenna characteristics and a geometric description for the platform.
  • Geometric models can be imported in native CAD formats as well as direct import from EM simulation tools.
  • A library of commonly used radios and components is included with the software and the user can customize and create additional libraries that can be shared between projects and users.
  • Multi-channel and frequency hopping radio models capture in-band performance as well as out-of-band spurious and harmonic effects.
  • Models can be easily refined as more informa¬tion becomes available. No need to wait for complete detailed information before begin¬ning EMI analysis.
  • CST MICROWAVE STUDIO® (CST MWS) users can export completed antenna or RF component simulations directly to EMIT.

The latest version, EMIT v. 3.3 includes additional predefined radios, and has seen an improvement in performance, visualization and the efficiency time of simulations.

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CST - Computer Simulation Technology develops and markets high performance software for the simulation of electromagnetic fields in all frequency bands. EMIT is a product of Delcross Technologies, it can be purchased through CST distribution channels.

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