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The Industry's Leading Low Torque Sealing Device

Product Announcement from CT Gasket & Polymer Co., Inc.

The Industry's Leading Low Torque Sealing Device-Image

Sealing FRP Pipe and Flange Joints?

Use CTG's ET Energizer™, the industry's leading low torque sealing device. The ET Energizer™ utilizes fully-molded, raised sealing ribs which reduce surface contact. A thin PTFE surface is applied to protect the EPDM core from chemical attack. Alternative materials available. Learn how CTG can seal your success!

About CTG:

As an experienced entrepreneur, Don Jackson started CTG in 1984. Established in central Texas near the small town of Rockdale, the company was originally known as Central Texas Gasket.
In 1985, CTG moved to Houston, changed the name to CT Gasket & Polymer, and has grown from a facility of 10,000 square feet to a fully climate controlled 20,000 square foot manufacturing plant located in the heart of Houston industry.

In February of 2004, we celebrated our 20 year anniversary. We also changed our name to CTG to reflect that our customers depend on us for so much more than gaskets.
Now we focus on the future. A future that is unpredictable and ever changing. One thing that will not change is our dedication to offering the highest quality products with prompt deliveries, coupled with our outstanding service.
We look forward to partnering with you to help you achieve your future.


Our customers demand innovation. That's why, despite having the finest low torque gasket available, we set out to make it even better. The new Energizer utilizes a "no-seam" shield providing the thickest protection on the market. For even more demanding applications, we now offer a TFM® shield. Not familiar with the fantastic permeation and compression properties of TFM®? Give us a call and we'll help you choose the best Energizer for your application. For the finest low torque gasket ever created, look no further than CTG.

CTG Inc. manufactures PTFE and elastomeric spring energized seals and sealing systems. Spring Energized Seals can be used in static, reciprocating and slow to medium rotary applications. Unlike many other seals where you must size your seal application around standard size seals,the CTG Spring energized seal can be manufactured to your product. While standard size seals are something we make everyday, we make seals in any size needed. Used as piston, rod, or face seals, the CTG spring energized seal is engineered to meet your exact specifications and design intent.

A doughnut shaped gasket used to prevent the loss of a fluid or a gas, generally made from an elastomer. The O-ring seal assembly usually consists of an elastomer O-ring and a groove (gland). The groove is usually cut into a rigid material to contain the O-ring.

A production run of 15,000 Lexan® stamped gaskets for the medical field followed by a custom layout 7' x 7' square phenolic machine pad with 29 holes - sounds like a normal day in our gasket division. At CTG our specialty is custom applications in every sense.

Rubber bellows are installed on devices with ranges of motion to provide protection from dust and particles. Rubber bellows reduce the frequency of maintenance and increase the life by protecting equipment from contamination.

CTG, Inc. packing sets are light to heavy duty designs that have been in service worldwide for many years in harsh environment applications. The profiles of the packings provide sealing lips which are suited to applications where heavy side loads and high pressure peaks are encountered. Some typical applications for our packings are pistons, hydraulic presses, earth moving equipment, and any other reciprocating and/or rotating heavy duty assembly.

CTG, Inc. specializes in providing cost effective solutions to our customers. With our understanding of the interactions between metals and elastomers and our experience in designing for assembly, we often will suggest bonding rubber to metal substrates. We can work with you on the front-end of your design cycle, so your system performs as intended in the final application. Our experience in working with all metals, including brass, aluminum and steel makes CTG, Inc your bonding solution.

Whether it's an order for our industry leading Energizer low torque gasket, or a part as unique as 90 durometer Butyl, we'll provide you with the molded elastomer part that you require. Even if you just have an idea for a new product, our CNC machining department can make a custom rubber mold to produce the part you want

Lean manufacturing is one more way that American companies are staying a step ahead in efficiency. CTG enables that process by providing CNC machined plastics and metal parts with the speed you need to keep your inventory low.


We hope that you find the elastomer information that you are looking for. However, we know there's no substitute for talking to an expert.

Give us a call and you'll never get a voice mail or a touch tone dialing system, but rather a knowledgable person ready to help you do the job right.

Elastomer Technical Sheets:


We hope that you find the polymer information that you are looking for. However, we know there's no substitute for talking to an expert. Give us a call and you'll never get a voice mail or a touch tone dialing system , but rather a knowledgable person ready to help you do the job right.

Polymer Technical Sheets:



The Staff at CTG, Inc. has many years helping customers see their products through the complete product life cycle.

Our engineering staff can analyze and reverse engineer even the largest of OEM seals and provide you with a proper replacement seal design. Using our experience with various geometries and materials, we will ensure you get the best possible seal life at a fraction of the cost.

In an economy that requires the balance of inventory and production, it's difficult to stay prepared when Murphy knocks at your door. When your equipment breaks down, power goes out, or you are running over capacity, CTG, Inc. can help you avoid a loss of production.

With over 100 years of seal engineering, Our seal engineers are experienced in design, application, troubleshooting, failure analysis, and installation of a multitude of sealing systems. CTG, Inc. can assist you with new seal design and material selection.

Glass, ceramic, stainless steel, carbon, various colors - just a sample of the varieties of filled PTFE that we offer.

At CTG we provide top quality Virgin PTFE machined parts and billets and we excel at providing specialty filled PTFE machined parts and cylinders up to 20 inches in diameter.

Most importantly, we do it fast. This focus on customer service allows you the flexibility to have the molded, machined, or stamped PTFE parts that you need when you need them.

One of the largest benefits CTG, Inc. can provide to its customers is is a broad range of manufacturing capabilities. With other manufacturers, customers need to source parts individually. Where others fall short, CTG, Inc. steps up. Our ability to manufacture, source, package, and ship parts on time even in an emergency makes CTG, Inc. your one stop sealing solution shop.

  • Compression Molding
  • PTFE and PTFE compounds molding capabilities up to 16” diameter cylinders x 8” long
  • Transfer Molding
  • Injection Molding
  • Gasket Making
  • Dieless Gasket cutting
    • Rubber, Elastomer, Polymer, Cork, Vegetable Fibers And Graphoil Materials
  • CNC turning
  • CNC Milling
    • Polymer Shapes, Elastomers, Ferrous And Non Ferrous Metals And Composite Materials
  • Secondary Assembly
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Custom Seal Design



CTG inc offers the most extensive and effective line of oilfield sealing solutions. The high temperature and high pressure environments of down hole and sub-sea applications demand performance that is synonymous with CTG Inc. Chemraz®, Kalrez®, Genuine DuPont Viton®, and other available compounds along with our seal product offerings, gasket and die-cut capabilities, and available quick turn-around make CTG Inc, the right choice for critical oilfield applications.

CTG, Inc. has established itself as a reliable and secure partner for equipment manufacturers. O-rings, gaskets, lip seals, and custom machined parts are just a few of the products CTG, Inc. specializes in to support their customers' operations. As a manufacturing company itself, CTG, Inc. understands the importance of quality material delivered on time and at the right price. It is not uncommon for emergency orders to be filled on the same day for our customers. Whether its 50,000 or 5 pieces, we make sure you have the parts you need to maintain your production.

CTG, Inc. capabilities include manufacturing of medical components that are manufactured from FDA compliant materials. Typical medical applications include tubing, injection molded devices, and specialty seals. CTG Inc. offers many medical grade and FDA compliant materials for use in medical and food grade applications including, EPDM, Viton®, and Silicone. When the application is this critical, CTG, Inc. has the expertise and resources to manufacture quality products conforming to its customers needs.

In the fast paced world of Research and Development, results cant wait on equipment delays. When necessary, CTG, Inc. works with its customers to develop the right sealing solution for their custom applications. Consultation at the beginning of a program ensures that your seals and equipment will be designed with the application in mind the first time utilizing the expertise and experience of the staff and engineers at CTG, Inc.

Manufacturing of Semiconductors is an extremely aggressive process and system seals are typically housed in areas exposed to highly corrosive liquids, gases and plasmas often at elevated temperatures or in vacuum conditions. CTG, Inc. is a leading developer and manufacturer of high performance sealing solutions and we interact with our customers to help them optimize performance of their semiconductor manufacturing equipment through seal material selection and seal design. This results in increased service life and extended mean time between planned maintenance. With an optimized system, downtime is reduced and production efficiency and yields are maximized. Call CTG, Inc. to improve your Semiconductor processes and minimize your overall cost of ownership

For over 20 years CTG hs been a top choice for industries such as chemical processing, oil and gas, semiconductor, pulp and paper, medical, industrial, and more. Why?

High Quality.Prompt Delivery.Outstanding Service

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