Sani-Grid® by Cambridge International

Product Announcement from Cambridge International, Inc

Sani-Grid® by Cambridge International-Image

Cambridge International's Sani-Grid® belting is ideal for material handling, cooking, icing, slicing breading, cooling, filling, inspecting, and packing of products like breads, rolls, buns, donuts, confections, cakes, pies, pastries, light loads of meat, seafood, poultry, and processed products. It is also excellent for light-duty applications in metalworking and other industries.

Although its light weight basic construction makes Sani-Grid belting an economical choice for many applications, its quality construction assures maximum utility. In addition, this simple, open design provides efficient operation with minimum maintenance and easy cleanup to meet sanitation requirements.

  • Choice of 5,7, or 9 guage rod specifications
  • Available for straight line and 90° or 180° turns
  • Flat, uniform surface for gentle product handling
  • High strength wire resists stretching and reduces downtime