CRS Resonant Scanner Family

Product Announcement from Cambridge Technology, Inc.

CRS Resonant Scanner Family-Image

The CRS scanners are compact, high frequency resonant scanners that operate at frequencies from 2kHz to 12kHz.

The scanner features two oscillating torsion rods that are mechanically tuned to resonate in opposite phase. These torsional motions set up equal and opposite torques that cancel at the torsion rod attachment to its housing. The result is a mechanical oscillator that is reactionless and eliminates all external vibration.

To minimize cross-axis wobble (repeatability), the torsional masses at the end of the oscillating torsion rods have been mass balanced along the rotational axis of the scanner.

Typical scanning angles of 20 degrees OPTP and 15 degrees are approachable using 4 KHz and 8 KHz CRS scanners, respectively.

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