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Bemis Sew Free Tape #4220

Product Announcement from Can-Do National Tape

Bemis Sew Free Tape #4220-Image

The transparent thermoplastic polyimide adhesive film exhibits adhesion to many fabrics, including acetates, acrylics, silks, cotton, rayon, and wool. Bemis 4220 adhesive tape exhibits exceptional dry cleaning resistance and excellent washability. Bemis 4220 can be activated by dielectric, steam and thermal conduction.

  • Composition: Polyamide
  • Color: Clear, Slight Amber Tint
  • Weight: 66 gm/m sq, 110 gm/m sq, and 154 gm/m sq
  • Substrate: Release Paper, stripped
  • Nominal Thickness: .003", .005", and .007"
  • Hardness: 90A
  • Softening Point: 117 Deg C, 243 Deg F, TMA onset Temperature
  • Melt Flow Index: 25 dg/min
  • Condition: 175 Deg C/2.16 Kg Load
  • Service Temperature: -30 deg C to 50 Deg C, (-20 DEG F - 122 Deg F)
  • Wash Ability: Excellent 120 Deg F/49 Deg C
  • Dry Cleaning Resistance: Excellent
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