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Can-Do's "Ape Tape" duct tape is a 9.5 mil product with high tensile strength and a specially formulated pressure sensitive adhesive that is superior to competitively priced products. It tears and unwinds easily and conforms well to irregular surfaces. Also, Can-Do stocks high grade, contractor's grade, and economy priced duct tapes. These products are used for packing, sealing ductwork, holding insulation materials in place, seaming carpet padding, dustproofing filter banks, and other general purposes such as repair, mending, or patching.

Colors: Silver and many others
Thickness: 7-14 mils
Width: 2" and custom slit
Length: 60 yards (10 and 30 yards custom)

Technical Data Sheets

523 Silver Duct Tape

523 Colors- Duct Tape

3M 3900 Duct Tape

3M 3939 Duct Tape

3M 8979 Duct Tape

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