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Specialty Film Tapes

Product Announcement from Can-Do National Tape

Specialty Film Tapes-Image

Polyester Film Tapes

Polyester film tapes provide strength and flexibility. They do not break or tear easily. They are used for a variety of specialty applications, from marking circuit boards to splicing silicone tapes; and they come in a variety of finishes, from clear to silver.

Thickness: 1/2 mil and higher
Width: custom slit
Length: 36 and 72 yards

Polyimide Film Tapes

Polyimide film tapes are used extensively in printed circuit board production. Polyimide tapes are transparent, and that allows observation of the circuit boards during their processing. Polyimide film tapes are high temperature resistant, and their adhesive system leaves minimal residue when removed after the manufacturing process.

Thickness: 2.5 mils
Width: custom slit
Length: 36 yards

Splicing Tapes

Splicing tapes are available in a variety of carriers with different adhesive systems. They may be single or double-coated, have a polyester, film, or paper carrier, have high temperature adhesives, be repulpable, and have other features as well. The necessary characteristics are determined by the material being spliced. Please contact us with your specification needs, and request a quote.

Lithographer's Tapes

Lithographer's tapes are composed of a red transparent PVC film that is static free and opaque to ultra-violet light. It is recommended for stripping film negatives prior to platemaking and can be used with orthochromatic films, plates, and papers.

Thickness: 2.3 mils
Width: custom slit
Length: 36 and 72 yards

Office Tape: Clear Film

Office tapes are composed of clear film with a high grade acrylic adhesive. They have exceptional cross-directional and burst strength. While resistant to moisture, oils, acids, weather, aging, and cold, they are recommended for label protection, edge reinforcement, splicing, and tabbing.

Thickness:1.8 mils
Width:custom slit
Length:72 yards

PTFE Film Tapes

PTFE Film Tape consists of extruded polytetrafluoroethylene with a silicone adhesive. It provides excellent chemical resistance except to organic solvents, and it typically lies flatter than skived PTFE film tapes. The PTFE surface is easy-release and resistant to high temperatures.

Color: Gray
Thickness: 6.7 mils
Width: Custom, slit to width
Length: 36 yards

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