Most Advanced Ultrasonic Sensor on the Market

Product Announcement from Cannon Water Technology Inc.

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EchoPod is the most advanced ultrasonic sensor on the market. Packed with unique features that make installation extremely easy and very affordable. The EchoPod comes with a usb interface tool used to program your EchoPod sensors from your computer. Seamless integration with WebCal software means anyone can setup the sensor without any programming experience whatsoever. EchoPod's built in controller allows it to perform complex tasks like tank fill/empty operations, valve control and high/low level alarms.

Applications where EchoPod® is being used:

  • Open Channel Flow Management
  • Corrosive Chemical Feed Tank Level Measurement
  • Motor Yacht Diesel Fuel Tank Level Measurement
  • Cooling Tower Sump Fill Control
  • Small Bulk Tank Level Monitoring
  • Plating Line Rinse Tank Control
  • RO Water Storage Tank Level Monitor
  • Cistern Level Management With Remote Display
  • Well Water System Tank Fill Control
  • Livestock Water Tank Monitor For Horses and Cattle
  • Still Well Monitoring
  • Overflow Alarm With Horn And Light Tree
  • Septic Tank Level Monitor With High Level Alarm
  • Lift Station Pump Control

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