Leybold LAB 60 Electron Beam Evaporator

Product Announcement from Capovani Brothers Inc.

Leybold LAB 60 Electron Beam Evaporator-Image

Leybold LAB 60 Electron Beam Evaporator - Ion Assist

Vacuum system: Turbo pumped

E-Beam Power Supply:

High Voltage Minimum: 14 kV
Number of Controlled Guns: 1
Electron Source Type: Four Pocket

Vacuum System:
Leybold Turbovac T1600 Pump/Controller
Edwards QDP40 Dry Pump
Leybold Ruvac WSU251

Other Information:
Gas inputs: 2
Gas input control: Mass flows controllers
Film thickness monitor
Chamber: 23"W x 23"D x 29"H
E-gun: ESV14 with 4 pocket crucible
Ion source: Commonwealth Mark II
Commonwealth N2000 Neutralizer Power Supply
Model 5000 Hollow Cathode Electron Source
Leybold IC5 Deposition Controller
Leybold EGC28 Electron Beam Evaporator Controller
Dual crystal sensor
PLC+PC visualization
Schnider E-Technik High Voltage Power Supply
Brooks Instrument 0151E Flow Controller
GWK Recirculating Chiller
Polycold Chiller Model 552
Planetary for (15)-2" wafers
Loadlock not included

CE Marked
Manufactured in 2001

Capovani Brothers Inc. Item no. 36660