Product Announcement from Carestream NDT

See Video - Award Winning CR NDT System-Image

The unique INDUSTREX HPX-1 from Carestream, recently recognized with the Global Frost & Sullivan Award for Product Differentiation Excellence, is a computed radiography system with the capability to handle long plates, short plates, rigid cassettes and flexible plates-all in a single system.


Further, it is the only product that has been developed specifically for non-destructive testing (NDT) applications while taking into account the industry's specific needs. Unlike competing products, the HPX-1 is extremely rugged and can survive the harshest of environments. It has passed extensive vibration, drop, and dust tests, which ensure accuracy and effective functioning.

With industry leading image resolution: the HPX-1 delivers weld-quality images, consistently and dependably, as well as full dynamic range and sensitivity for all other applications. It can run imaging plates ranging from 70 mm to 14-inch in width and up to 60 inches in length. Additionally, the HPX-1 scanner is capable of scanning not only standard long and short plates, but also custom small and irregular-sized shapes used in specialty imaging, giving customers a very high level of flexibility and efficiency.

The system comes fully pre-configured and ready to operate after only a few simple connections. The powerful, easy-to-learn software and intuitive interface minimizes training time; CR operators will be up and running fast. A simplified workflow improves productivity with enhanced annotation capabilities, automatic file naming and a double file save capability (both Industrex and DICONDE formats).

Be sure to contact Carestream today and find out why, for non-destructive testing (NDT) applications, the benchmarks set by HPX-1 have made all the difference!

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