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Angle Insensitive Coatings

Service Detail from Cascade Optical Corp.

Angle Insensitive Coatings-Image

Angle Insensitive Coatings are highly desirable in the world of Optics today. In Astrophysics, the Astronomer would like to capture the entire field of view of observation without degradation or back reflections from any perspective at a single point in time. With regards to laser applications, the Optical Scientist would like to capture the entire cone angle of a beam. In a light deprived system, applying an angle insensitive coating over a detector cape is crucial when trying to collect as many photons as possible. Etalons allow a Scientist to study a single laser line of importance. This can be difficult if the object one is studying is moving. With angle insensitive coatings all these problem are resolved.

Thin Film Scientists will typically optimize a design for high reflection or high transmission at a particular wavelength of interest. Due to the nature of a thin film structure, coatings will typically shift at angles of incidence greater than 10 degrees. But, with state of the art crystal quartz and optical monitoring systems Cascade Optical Corporation is able to optimize each and every layer for desired reflection or transmission while simultaneously maintaining angle insensitivity. We are able to produce these filters from the deep UV to the MID IR.

This particular UV angle insensitive design was used in a multi reflection system designated to analyze light at a 250nm line. The exact nature of this coating is highly classified.

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