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Dielectric Broadband Mirrors

Product Announcement from Cascade Optical Corp.

Dielectric Broadband Mirrors-Image

All-dielectric high reflective (HR) coatings offer a very high efficiency and a much higher laser induced damage thresholds than enhanced and protected metal mirrors. They are designed to provide either high reflection over one or more spectral bands, or as broadband reflectors covering, for example, entire visible spectrum with reflection higher than 99% over a certain angular cone of the incident light. Plot below shows spectral performance of our standard high efficiency dielectric reflector that provides Rav > 99% @ 380-780 nm for all angles of incidence between 0° and 45° .

BROADBAND HR @ 380-780 nm @ 0°±45° AOI THIN LINE R @ 0° AOI, THICK LINE R @ 45° AOI


In laser applications it is very important to achieve reflection as high as possible over very narrow bandwidth but over wide angular cone. Very high reflection together with proper choice of film and substrate materials, coating design, coating parameters, and substrate cleanliness and surface quality guaranty a very high laser induced damage threshold. Next plot shows spectral performance of the high power laser mirror designed to operate @ 1064 nm over 0°±30° with reflection higher than 99.95% for R, Rs and Rp. Our HR coatings designed to operate from 1030 to 1310 nm showed no laser-induced damage when exposed to 10 MW/cm² power density of CW laser. Several of our laser line mirrors designed to operate within 1030 and 1310 range passed tests with 10 J/cm² @ 3 ns pulsewidth and repetition rates of up to 300 Hz (or 300 pulses-per-second). In our standard production we have a number of single, dual and multiple band HR coatings.

HIGH POWER LASER HR @ 1064 nm @ 0°±30° THIN LINE R @ 0° AOI, THICK LINES R, Rs, Rp @ 30° AOI


Examples of dual and triple-band HR coatings are shown in the plots below. Our labs routinely coat single, dual, and multiple-band HR's centered at any wavelength between 120 nm and 12µ.

Rav > 99% @ 400-750 nm & R > 99.5% @ 1540 nm

Rs,p > 99.95% @ 266 & 1064nm & Rs,p>98%@ 633nm@ 45°


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