Cenflex: Custom Air Hose and Air Duct Hose

Product Announcement from Cenflex

Cenflex: Custom Air Hose and Air Duct Hose -Image

Your piping system has been designed for a very specific purpose. So why would you use generic connectors, assemblies, hoses, expansion joints, nuts, bolts and gaskets that could compromise your system? You need robust, custom-engineered flexible metal products built to fit the unique demands and physical stressors of your system.

Custom-engineered products designed to meet potential or existent system challenges:

  • Noise
  • High pipe and engine vibration
  • Pipe misalignment
  • Temperature variations
  • Limiting hydrocarbon emissions
  • Connecting exhaust systems
  • Fail safe piping for petrochemical materials transfer
  • Pipe corrosion performance
  • Cold temperature and cryogenic performance of pipes
  • High temperature performance
  • Offset motion
  • Full-vacuum pressure performance piping systems
  • High pressure pipe performance
  • Pipe line expansion and contraction
  • Seismic stresses
  • Flow conditioning
  • Pump connections