High Performance Technical Ceramics

Product Announcement from CeramTec North America

High Performance Technical Ceramics-Image

CeramTec's high-performance ceramics are used in situations to withstand extremely high electrical, mechanical, biological/chemical and thermal loads. We offer a cost-effective way to meet performance requirements with both custom and standard solutions when other materials, such as plastic or metal, will not stand up.

Engineered to the most exacting electrical, mechanical, thermal, surface and dimensional specifications, these components exhibit controlled, near-zero-defect microstructure for outstanding performance in pressurized gas and vacuum applications.

CeramTec is active in:

  • electronics
  • electrical engineering
  • hermetic systems
  • piezo-technology
  • medical technology
  • mechanical systems
  • chemical
  • textile
  • industrial equipment
  • machining or metal cutting
  • ... and many other segments

Among our advanced capabilities is a super-smooth glazed finish to shed water quickly, resist surface contamination and produce an impervious surface. We also offer metallization and nickel/gold plating for soldering or brazing. CeramTec North America materials include aluminas, steatites and cordierites. The full range of CeramTec North America materials and processes is available for quick delivery.

If you're interested in improving component specifications or consistency, consider performance-engineered ceramics from CeramTec North America.

Contact us today-our sales and applications engineers are prepared to deliver the performance you need.