CAV - Custom Check Valves

Product Announcement from Check-All Valve Mfg. Co.

CAV - Custom Check Valves-Image

When a standard connection will not fit your application, the CAV check valve is made to meet your specific requirements, saving you time and money.  Check-All has extensive design experience to precisely connect to your unique application.  Below is a small sample of some special designs we have made for our customers.

ASME B16.5 Ring Type Joint

MIL MS33649 Threaded Port

AWWA C-606 Grooved Ends

MIL MS16142 Threaded Port

SAE J518 Code 61 & 62 Flange

ASME B1.20.3 Dryseal Pipe Threads

API 5CT Threaded Ends

DIN Flanges

ISO 1609 Vacuum Flange (Insert)

Press Fit

SAE J1926-1 Threaded Port

Cartridge Valve (outer o-ring seal)

ISO 6149-1 Threaded Port

Tri-Clamp Ends

 If you have a check valve application that is unique, contact our sales department to discuss your specific need.