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Permanent-magnet-coupled rotary stirrers

Our glandless permanent-magnet type rotary stirrer drives guarantee absolute safety. Their design prevents aggressive, toxic or explosive fluids from leaving the reaction vessel as might happen when using conventional stirrers.

The stirrer is part of the pressure vessel. All pressure-bearing elements are designed in accordance with the same design and safety criteria applicable for the autoclave. Shaft, bearing and inner magnet are arranged in the pressure chamber. The power required for stirring is transmitted on the shaft by means of a permanent-magnet coupling of the rotary type; no slip is caused since a pressure-bearing non-magnetic partition is provided for the slotted pipe. Couplings with magnets of rare earth and cobalt permit high torque transmissions. The main feature of the stirrer is the max. torque that can be transmitted. Basic types have been developed using the know-how gained from our experience.

The rotation of the stirrer shaft is monitored and indicated. Upon request audible alarms and automatic restarting facilities can be provided. The stirrer drives can optionally be equipped with a multitude of different mechanical and aeration-type stirrers.

Our Manufacturing Program

  • Individually constructed autoclaves in due consideration of client's requirements
  • Autoclave reactors
  • Pressure vessels for all fluids
  • Synthetic crystal autoclaves
  • HP stirred autoclaves
  • Permanent-magnet-coupled glandless rotary stirrer drives for pressures from 25 bar (300 psi) to 400 bar (6,000 psi) and capacities from 0.2 to 10,000 Nm and autoclaves for capacities of up to 20 m3 (5,000 gal.). Higher torques, other pressure ratings and special materials (Hastelloy, titanium, tantalum, etc.) are available on request.
  • Complete High-pressure installations can be supplied as a package.
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