Cleaning, Depainting and Degreasing Solutions

Product Announcement from Church & Dwight, Inc. Specialty Products Division

ARMEX® - Baking Soda Abrasives: How It Works What makes ARMEX® the best baking soda abrasive?

While the idea for ARMEX® started with just plain baking soda, as the world's leader in bicarbonate technology ARM & HAMMER® formulated more than a dozen unique medias to specially meet industry surface preparation requirements.

ARMEX Cleaning and Coating Removal Systems have become an effective, economical and environmentally superior method for cleaning, depainting and degreasing across the country, and around the world.

Why Baking Soda?

It's granular - suitable for use in pressure pots, cabinet systems and as an additive for pressure washer systems.

It's sharp - baking soda crystals delivered under relatively low pressure but at high velocity will scour virtually any coating from any substrate.

It's friable - meaning it fractures into smaller particles intensifying the cleaning action while softening the impact on substrates.

It's relatively soft - with a Moh's hardness of 2.5, it will not damage most substrates*

It's benign pH of 8.2 - provides a superior worker and environmental profile, before, during, and after use.

Water soluble

* Always do a test patch prior to general use to determine suitability


Greater application versatility - uniform granulation in three sizes, from 70 microns, 170 microns, and 270 microns

Over a dozen formulated products - to meet specific surface preparation needs

Superior flowability - using two different moisture control systems to eliminate lumping.

Enhanced rinsability - using patented SupraKleen formulations essential for new coatings adhesion.

Exceptional cleaning capability - including the removal of grease, oil, and burnt-on carbon

Total technical support - from the leaders in sodium bicarbonate cleaning technology

ISO 9002 certification - the mark of consistent quality