Product Announcement from CITEL SURGE PROTECTION

CITEL - DS50VGPVS - PV Surge Protector-Image

CITEL DS50VGPVS is a UL1449 TYPE 1CA DC Surge Protection Device (SPD) for medium risk DC power applications up to 1200Vdc. The DS50VGPVS provides protection against the direct and indirect effects of lightning and has a unique no leakage current design. CITEL's patented hybrid Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV)/Gas-filled Spark Gap (GSG) protection circuit will dramatically increase the life expectancy of the surge protector and leave no footprint within the DC power system.

CITEL's VG technology is a hybrid protection circuit that incorporates our unique Gas-filled Spar Gap (GSG) with series MOV. this patented combination completely eliminates all leakage and working currents thus extending the life of the SPD by up to 5 times that of standard MOV technology.

CITEL's DS50VGPV is compliant with the new UL1449 3rd Edition 2016 update.

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