Product Announcement from CITEL SURGE PROTECTION

CITEL - DS50VGPVS - PV Surge Protector-Image

CITEL DS50VGPVS is a DC Surge Protection Device (SPD) for medium risk DC power applications up to 1200Vdc. The DS50VGPVS provides protection against the direct and indirect effects of lightning and has a unique no leakage current design. CITEL's patented hybrid Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV)/Gas-filled Spark Gap (GSG) protection circuit will dramatically increase the life expectancy of the surge protector and leave no footprint within the DC power system.

CITEL's VG technology is a hybrid protection circuit that incorporates our unique Gas-filled Spar Gap (GSG) with series MOV. this patented combination completely eliminates all leakage and working currents thus extending the life of the SPD by up to 5 times that of standard MOV technology.

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