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The Series 19 desiccator cabinets and inert atmosphere cabinets are designed to create sealed compartments that will hold or contain parts in a dry or nitrogen environment. These desiccator cabinets were developed to create a storage area that can be purged to create a controlled environment for long-term storage of parts or material that will degrade when left out in the normal atmosphere.

The desiccator cabinets are constructed with a heavy-gage, stainless steel outside shell and a stainless steel divider between each compartment. Each compartment is sealed to form a pressurized storage space. The stainless steel shell creates a strong, durable cabinet that will not crack or break apart at the seams like all-acrylic cabinets will. The stainless construction is suitable for heavy storage loads.

Each compartment has a heavy-duty stainless steel framed door, a clear acrylic window, and a chrome plated lever compression door latch. They are hinged with robust stainless steel surface mount hinges and sealed with black PVC closed-cell gasket.

The back panel of the desiccator cabinet is stainless steel. It is welded and sealed to the back of the unit. This back panel can be modified to attach other equipment or a second set of doors if desired. Optional fixed or adjustable shelves can be installed within each of the sealed compartments.

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