Flexible Magazine Feeder for Stacked Parts

Product Announcement from Clear Automation, LLC

Flexible Magazine Feeder for Stacked Parts-Image

Clear Automation designed and built this parts feeder as a component of our automated assembly and packaging solutions. Multiple magazines are designed into the system, dependent on the robot reach, the size of the part, the quantity in a stack, the robot tooling and the number of stacks per magazine. A machine operator loads stacks of parts into each magazine and locks the magazine into the cell. A servo mechanism elevates the part stacks from below while a robot picks parts from above. When a magazine is empty, the robot switches automatically to pick parts from another magazine and the empty magazine unlocks. When unlocked, the magazine is physically isolated from the workcell so that an operator can replenish it while remaining out of the reach of the robot. The concept is flexible for a wide range of part styles and robot models. We have built several of these in various sizes for many different products. These can be deployed to feed parts to a cell, to receive finished parts from a cell, or to buffer parts within a cell while waiting for a downstream process to complete.

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