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CoastFlex Exotic Insulated Medical Lead Wires

Product Announcement from Coast Wire & Plastic Tech., LLC

CoastFlex Exotic Insulated Medical Lead Wires-Image

Medical applications 99.99% + Certified pure metals such as Platinum, Iridium, Rhodium, Ruthenium, Osmium, Palladium, and Platinum/Iridium are used.

The characteristics the Platinum Group Metals and/or High Strength Alloys include 99.99%+ pure Certified Compositions with analysis in Parts per Billion (PPB), known Resistivities, Dielectric Strength, Percent Elongation, and uniform Densities. These products are beyond corrosion resistant, and are amongst the best for the manufacture of guide wires, pacing leads, or contacts that interface with tissue. The parameters of maximum quality control include straightness, metal integrity, component uniformity or homogeneity, roundness and, perhaps of the greatest importance, radiopacity.

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