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Specializing in a wide variety of custom and special purpose Medical Cables from Coast Wire and Plastic Tech, Inc.

This specialty includes (but is not limited to): MRI, Disposable and reusable surgical pencil wire and cables, ECG/EKG low noise monitoring cables, Pulse Oximetry wires and cables, Emergency Medical cable products, Thermal carbon fiber wire and jackets, Medical grade retractable cords and Medical Call System Cables.

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Sample of Medical Cables capabilities

  • Non-magnetic cables and assemblies used in all major MRI applications. We manufacture the cable and assemblies , both of which are high performance and quality driven product lines;
  • Disposable and reusable surgical pencil wire and cables that is used to cut and Cauterize tissue in nearly all types of surgical procedures;
  • ECG/EKG low noise monitoring wires and cables, 3 & 5 conductors;
  • Pulse Oximetry wires and cables. Pulse oximetry is a simple non-invasive method of monitoring the percentage of haemoglobin (Hb) which is saturated with oxygen.
  • Emergency Medical wire and cable products (defibulator). A heart defibulator will help restore the natural rhythm of the heart when a person is experiencing dangerous arrhythmia or cardiac arrest
  • Specialized mini C-arm cables for use in extremity imaging to cost effective full-sized C-arm cables for general surgery;
  • Thermal carbon fiber wire and jackets it with a unique coating that allows electricity to be conducted yet remains radio translucent, meaning that it will not show up in X-rays or MRI's.
  • Ultra-flexible tensil wire insulated wire and cable products;
  • Medical grade retractable cords;
  • Nurse Call System Cables including 8 conductors, 14 conductors and 18 conductors of mixed AWG sizes and including twisted pairs;


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Coast Wire's passion and expertise is defined by working with clients who have custom requirements across all industries, including (click below to learn more...):

  • Medical Cables: Magnetic, Non-magnetic MRI cables, EKG, disposable or reusable Surgical Pencil Wires, Duo Torso Coil Cable (we utilize FDA and medical grade approved compounds in our medical cables – let us help with your unique applications.
  • Load Cell and Transducer Cables: All of our products are jacketed with heavy duty, abrasion resistant and crush proof polyurethane.
  • Specialty Electronic Wire and Cable Products: Each of our extruders is equipped with an LED micrometer to ensure that the cable meets our customers' requirements from a dimensional standpoint and that it meets their electrical requirements as well.
  • Entertainment Cables: DMX Cables, Multicables - DMX Cables - Color Changer Cables - Custom Cables - Composite Cables - Speaker Cables - Audio Cables, etc. We use Socapex, XLR, Spacecraft, Veam, Bates, Rosco, Neutrik, Kupo and a variety of other types of connectors. We carry this material as a standard stock product in a variety of cut lengths as well as bulk products.
  • Coaxial Cable, Specialty Coaxial and Triaxial Cable: We offer low noise coaxial cables that are used in the high quality, high technology manufacture of electrochemical analytical sensors.
  • Network Cables & Cable Solutions: In today's technology-driven workplace, it is essential that an organization's network is reliable, versatile and future-proof. Network cabling is often given a low priority, but the pace of modern business increasingly demands the fastest, most accurate and effective communication of data, voice and video available.
  • Custom Serial Cables & RS-232 Cables: Coast Wire & Plastic Tech., Inc. offers a wide variety of off the shelf products as well as custom manufactured products as well.
  • Custom Cable & Wire, Specialty Cable Manufacturing: What we are known for is prototyping cable for unique applications and high-volume specialty cable and wire for OEM inclusion in products you use and depend on and the markets include: Automotive, Medical, to Atomic Power Plants and most everything in between.


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Quality is our driving force

Our established system and testing capabilities are your assurance of receiving products that, at minimum, meet or exceed industry standards. Quality starts in our receiving department where all raw materials are inspected to ensure that it's exactly what was ordered. Before we start the manufacturing process, a preliminary specification is sent to the customer for their approval. At this time they can change whatever they want on the specification and return it to us. We'll incorporate the change into a revised specification and the resent to the customer for their final approval. A shop order is prepared from the signed off specification and goes to the manufacturing plant. At each individual workstation, Quality Assurance looks over the setup and signs off on the shop order, thereby permitting the machine operator to start on the product. Once the initial operation is completed, it goes on to the next operation where Quality Assurance checks the setup and gives their approval. This is done throughout the manufacturing process. Once the cable is completed, it goes into final Quality Assurance where it's checked for it's electrical integrity, cosmetics, and color. Samples are taken from each reel and put under a video microscope and checked with a color spectrometer.

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