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0.96-1.275GHz Link16 antennas for tactical comms-Image

Rugged, high gain, Omni Directional antenna for Tactical Communication Link16 applications, to communicate with airborne platforms. NATO Stock Number 5985-99-7586585.

Model XVO7-960-1215/1120 is a high gain omni antenna for Link16, MIDS, JTRS and JTIDS high data rate transmission systems.

Frequency: 0.96 to 1.275GHz

Gain: 7dBi

Polarisation: Vertical

Power Rating 200W

Dimensions 40 x 3 inches diameter (1029 x 79 mm diameter)

Other antennas are available for Link16 applications. Band pass filters also available.

This antenna is part of a range of over 1500 antennas. Please browse our website or contact us for more information.

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