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Manned & Unmanned Ground Vehicle Sprung Omni

Product Announcement from Cobham Antennas Systems

Manned & Unmanned Ground Vehicle Sprung Omni-Image

Designed for Manned and Unmanned Ground Vehicle data link applications, these rugged Omni antennas have been designed with built-in spring to safeguard operations should the vehicle be constricted for space. These small antennas have minimal physical impact and Single Band or Multi Stacked frequency options.

Enabling high data rate communications for video transmissions in applications such as robotic enabled countermeasures.

Frequency ranges for single band antennas illustrated include 3.3 to 3.5GHz and 4.4 to 5.0GHz with other frequency options including multi-band variants are available. More antenna designs at other frequencies and various feeds, and including an integrated spring, plus antennas that can be spring mounted.

These types of antenna have been used for COFDM and telemetry applications enabling them to be used in a variety of radio systems for airborne law enforcement downlinks, stationery and mobile tactical links. COFDM provides significant benefits over conventional analogue microwave transmissions, especially in high multi-path environments such as dense urban areas. It is possible to virtually eliminate Fade even in Non Line of Sight situations through the use of spatial antenna diversity systems. COFDM systems are being used for National Security, Police and Military applications where it is vital that video and data links is maintained.

Antennas can be supplied for the other end of the link, such as sector or highly directional variants.

The provision of telemetry of all types from remote sources has become second-nature within all data acquisition systems to enable operators to make advised and sensible solutions.

This antenna is part of a range of over 1500 antennas. Please browse our website or contact us for more information.