PIN Diode Modules Programmable Delay Phase Shift

Product Announcement from Colby Instruments, Inc.

PIN Diode Modules Programmable Delay Phase Shift-Image

PIN Diode Modules offer programmable delay (phase shift) to 1 ps resolution and 5.12 ns total range. Combine three modules (P1-PDM, P2-PDM, and P3-PDM) for a total range to 5.12 nanoseconds. TTL/CMOS level interface.

Each module requires +12V and +5V power.

  • P1-PDM for precision (1 ps to 15 ps total delay; 4 steps of delay)
  • P2-PDM for versatility (5 ps step to 1.275 ns total delay; 8 steps of delay)
  • P3-PDM for range (1.28 ns step to 2.56 ns total delay; 2 steps of delay)
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