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Gyrocompassing & AHRS based navigation system

Product Announcement from Colibrys

Gyrocompassing & AHRS based navigation system-Image

Colibrys and iXBlue announce smallest marine and subsea gyrocompassing and AHRS based navigation systems

iXBlue, France / Colibrys, Neuchatel - announced the launch of the latest generation of marine and subsea fully strapdown gyrocompassing and AHRS based navigation system called QUADRANS. The small size and high precision was achieved to be the smallest such a system can achieve on the market today. The small size and high precision was achieved in a large part due to the integration on latest MEMS accelerometers from Colibrys with a fully strapdown gyrocompass system.

"Gyrocompasses are widely used for the navigation of a wide range of ships, from container ships and cargo boats to yachts, fishing, ferries or scientific ships to name just a few. This technique presents real advantages over magnetic compasses as they find true north, as determined by Earth's rotation, which is more useful for subsea navigation than magnetic north as they are unaffected by ferromagnetic materials. The counter part is that they require high end gyro, hence the use of Fiber-Optic solutions and high end accelerometers to ensure best possible local stabilization of the gyro. That's why Colibrys accelerometers have been selected and qualified with our full satisfaction for this new product QUADRANS." said Mr. Bertrand Laubie Marketing Director from iXBlue.

Colibrys precision MEMS tilt sensors are ideal solutions for Gyrocompassing and Attitude and Heading Reference Systems (AHRS) in the air, on land, on the sea and undersea, offering the specifications such as short term and long term stability, the reliability and the capability to work within specification under harsh environments. "The qualification of Colibrys by iXBlue reinforces our recognition as a world leading accelerometer supplier for medium and high end inertial applications" said Mr. Bahram Arbab, Colibrys Sales director for Europe and Asia.