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HS8000 Accelerometer-Image

Colibrys HS8000 accelerometers are advanced products offering a unique solution for applications requiring inertial grade specifications combined with gun hard survivability and very good post shock stability. Thanks to a proprietary MEMS technology and advanced assembly technique, Colibrys offers a dedicated range of products for specific applications in the domains of inertial and tilt / inclination sensing.

The Colibrys HS8000 accelerometer is a MEMS capacitive sensor, based upon a bulk micro-machined silicon element, a low power ASIC for signal conditioning, a micro-controller for storage of compensation values and a temperature sensor. The product is low power, calibrated, robust and stable and the electronic configuration provides a solid power on reset and a full protection against brown-out.

Long-term stability of bias and scale factor are typically less than 0.1% of full-scale range. For the ± 2g version (HS8002.D), typical bias temperature coefficient is 100 mg/°C and scale factor temperature coefficients 100 ppm/°C.

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