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Engineered Structural Composites (ESC)

Product Announcement from Composites Group (The)

Engineered Structural Composites (ESC)-Image

Quantum Composites develops and manufacturers high strength, high temperature Engineered Structural Composites (ESC™) that are used to replace metals in demanding environments.  Our advanced and proprietary materials allow designers the freedom to conceive and develop complex, three-dimensional solutions at a lowered cost compared to parts fabricated with traditional composites or metals. ESC® materials empower design solutions that provide improved weight-to-strength performance compared to metals and conventional composite approaches.  Our diverse family of ESC® materials include Lytex®, AMC®, Vinyl Ester & Polyester, Phenolic and High Temperature (BMI & Polyimide) material solutions.

Advantages offered by Quantum Composites' materials include a high strength-to-weight ratio, dimensional stability at elevated temperatures, corrosion resistance, and parts consolidation.

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