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Sector Antenna

Product Announcement from Comtelco Industries, Inc.

Sector Antenna-Image

Sector antennas provide an excellent way to focus a signal of a desired gain to a specific area. This includes the ability to achieve very good front to back characteristics. By using large reflectors with different bend patterns we are able to get patterns that provide forward gain shaping that meet most requirements.

The gain figure listed is measured within the specified angle of radiation. Coverage beyond the specified angle of radiation decreases and becomes negligible at the point the pattern crosses the reflector.

Complete radiation specifications can be found on the appropriate data sheet, available upon request or as PDF file at our catalog of datasheets page.

For 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz, two versions of our sector antenna lineup are available both feature sealed radomes designed for outdoor installation and are available in various horizontal beam widths.

The BSA series heavy duty sector antenna includes fully galvanized steel mounting assemblies that are adjustable for up to 5° down tilt and will mount on a 2 1/2" diameter mast or tower leg. The radome is UV inhibited fiberglass and the reflector assembly is powder-coated aluminum.

The BSAL is a lower cost sector antenna with an ABS radome, and a V-block with stainless steel V-bolt mount. It is a lighter weight smaller antenna with slightly lower gain. It will mount on a 2 1/2" mast or flat to a wall. Down tilt can be achieved in the mount assembly when mounted to a mast. The reflector assembly is powder-coated aluminum.

The BSH sector antenna converts an omni-directional base station antenna into a 120° sector antenna. The radome is UV inhibited fiberglass and the reflector assembly is powder coated aluminum.