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Product Announcement from Continental Products Corp.

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The Continental Rollo-Mixer ® batch mixer is used in the following industries to develop and manufacture tomorrow's finished products.........

· Blending & Coating Animal feeds

Dairy, Race Horse, Swine Feed, Calf Milk Replacer

· Blending & Coating Animal Health Products

Mineral Pre-mixes, Slow -Release Pellets, Coated Pellets

· Blending & Coating Agricultural Chemicals

Insecticides, Rodenticides, Fungicides, Herbicides, Algaecides

· Blending & Coating Lawn & Garden Fertilizers

NPK Blends, Polymer Coated Fertilizers, Ice-Melt

· Blending & Coating Pet Care Products

Kitty-litter, Dog Food, Bird Seed, Fish Food

· Blending & Coating Soaps & Detergents

Metal Finishing Detergents, Dish Wash, Car wash and Laundry Detergents

· Blending & Coating Specialty Products

Tobacco, Carbon Black, absorbent powders, Coating Glass Spheres

· Blending & Coating Refractory Products

Fused silica, investment casting Powder, monolithic refractory

· Blending & Coating Recycled Products

Plastics, Aluminum, Rubber, Glass

· Blending & Coating Rubber Compounds

TPE Blends, Polyethylene Compounds, Post Blending TPE Pellets

· Blending & Coating Plastic Products

Plastic Additives, Coating Nylon Pellets, Polycarbonate Flakes

· Blending & Coating Petrochemicals

Catalysts, Oil Drilling Polymers

· Blending & Coating Pigments & Colorants

Powder Paint Coatings, Paint Additives, Color Concentrates

· Blending & Coating Building products

Cements & Adhesives, Stucco Pre-Mixes, Decorative cements, roofing granules

· Blending & Coating Food Products

Tea of all types, Enriched rice, Sweetening Coconut, Bakery Ingredients, Soy fiber Blends, Nutraceuticals & Dietary Supplements

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