Product Announcement from Continental Products Corp.

Continental Rollo-Mixer ® Photo Sample Library -Image

The Continental Rollo-Mixer ® web site premiers a high resolution photo sample library with hundreds of materials blended and coated in their batch mixer.

Continental's sample library also features a "before and after" page, illustrating products before and after they have been de-dusted, encapsulated, agglomerated, granulated, or surface treated with Continental's award winning coating technology "Free Fall Processing" ®, allowing you to see products created with this unique coating technology. From sub-micron scale hollow spheres to tea and potpourri, the Continental Rollo-Mixer ® is well known for its precise and uniform liquid dispersions.

View high resolution photos of products from your industry and see how the Rollo-Mixer rotary drum batch mixer has set new standards in quality, efficiency, and accuracy for processing dry particulates in the following industries; Agricultural Chemicals, Animal Feeds, Animal Health Products, Building Products, Food Products, Lawn & Garden, Pet Care Products, Pigments & Colorants, Plastics, Recycled Products, Refractory Products, Rubber Compounds, Soaps & Detergents, Specialty Products, Stone, Clay, & Glass.

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