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AMHERST, NH, USA - ControlAir Inc. announces the Type-550X Miniature Electropneumatic I/P, E/P Transducer with ATEX compliance. The unit's compact housing, accessible ports and easy adjustments provide an ideal answer to applications that are space-constrained. The Type-550X with 4-20mA signal, approved by Factory Mutual (FM) and the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) as intrinsically safe, is now compliant with the ATEX directive 94/9/EC for equipment intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres in Europe.

The Type-550X is an electronic pressure regulator that converts a variable signal (current or voltage) to a proportional pneumatic output. The Type-550X's economical startup cost, low air consumption, and reliable performance make this unit a great investment. The unit's compact housing permits space saving and dense mounting while multiple mounting configurations provide installation versatility. The ATEX compliant Type-550X comes standard with a NEMA-4X housing and is approved for intrinsically safe applications. Input and output ports on both front and back of the unit allow for versatile plumbing. High flow capacity delivers quick actuation of dampers, louvers, valves and cylinders. Other features include field reversible, RFI/EMI protection, external zero and span adjustments, and removable external orifice.

The Type-550X has a built-in volume-booster that provides up to 20 SCFM air flow capacity allowing increased control speed in critical applications. The ATEX approved Type-550X standard and zero-based range units utilize an input signal of 4-20 mA. Output pressure for the standard range include 3-15 psig, 3-27 psig, 6-30 psig, 2-60 psig and 3-120 psig. The zero-based range output includes 0-30 psig, 0-60 psig and 0-120 psig. Supply pressures range up to 100 psig in the standard range and up to 130 psig in the zero-based range. The standard mounting bracket allows mounting directly on a valve, wall, panel, or pipe. Optional DIN rail and manifold mounting kits are available. Multiple choices for electrical connection include ½" NPT conduit terminal block and DIN 43650 connections.

The Type-550X provides precise air pressure regulation to actuators, valves, positioners, cylinders, clutches, brakes and other final control elements. Industries that utilize the Type-550X include Petrochemical, HVAC, Energy Management, Textile, Pulp and Paper, Paper Converting, Robotics, Machine Control, Medical, Semiconductor and Food and Drug.

ControlAir Inc. manufactures precision pneumatic and electropneumatic controls. ControlAir's markets include process control, semiconductor, printing and converting presses, diagnostic and surgical medical equipment, robotics, quality control, automotive, analyzers, compressors, pumps and paint equipment. For more information, ControlAir's website, www.controlair.com, offers full product specifications with pdf files, product CAD drawing files, and company profile.

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